Myofascial Decompression is the modern application of cuppin from Traditional Chinese Medicine

Dr. Cohen studied this technique from Dr. Christopher DaPrato, DPT, the innovator of this technique, at UCSF Orthopedics & Physical Therapy. Dr Jenn is also trained in Cupping techniques.

Myo Fascial Decompression (MFD)  -  Fascial Flexibility and Neuroemuscular Re-Education - is based on the concepts of increasing fascial flexibility and incorporating neuromuscular re-education, the combination resulting in increased efficiency of motion in the connective tissue matrix. Unlike most other myofascial techniques, MFD utilizes negative pressure tools. Instead of further compressing the tissues, it lifts adhesions. If collagen is fibrotic and lacking blood flow already, it makes more sense to pull rather than push on these structures.

What makes MFD different from Cupping in Chinese Medicine is that it focuses on specific fascial restrictions, and not lines of energy.