Dr. Jennifer Tran



Dr Jenn is our pregnancy & pediatric/family care specialist. She is passionate about helping her patients get and stay active and well with chiropractic care.

A Cal grad who found chiropractic on her way to med school, she is a first generation Bay Area native with a strong love for serving her community with a passion for helping you and your families achieve all that you want with your health and well-being.

Dr Jenn’s goal is to support and empower your choices for you and your family, ensuring that you feel seen, heard, and respected in our office and she looks forward to being one of your biggest wellness cheerleaders.

Dr. Mary Ann Furda



Dr. Maryann Furda focuses on posture, movement and muscle release therapies. She is a seasoned chiropractor, yogi, cyclist, kayaker and overall positive bundle of energy. She joined us in July 2021 following Dr Cohen’s car accident and has been with us ever since! We are very lucky to have such a seasoned, wise, warm and positive soul as Dr Maryann. She is available for treatments on Wednesday afternoons.

Dr. Stefan Cohen



Dr Stefan is the founder of Innate Chiropractic. He is a holistic, integrative chiropractor, specializing in a functional neurology system called P-DTR, and is certified in full body ART (Active Release Technique), AK (Applied Kinesiology) & NET (Neuroemotional Technique). Dr Stefan is a Stanford graduate and an alum of Life Chiropractic College West. When not practicing chiropractic, you can often find him performing on his saxophone with his jazz or his funk rock soul band.

Jennifer Benorden


Massage Therapy

Jenny Benorden is a seasoned massage therapist with nearly 27 years of experience. She calls her work, {nurturing deep tissue} and is passionate about bodywork and continually training and taking new courses. Most recently she trained in massage for cancer, clinical deep tissue, and is currently training for certification in The Body Journey Massage Experience ™. Jenny loves supporting people with informed, expert touch and helping her clients experience more ease in their bodies.

Jonathan Ingersoll

Z-Health Fitness

Jonathan is an ACE Certified Personal Trainer, and Z-Health Neural Performance Specialist.

Jonathan’s goal is to help you improve how you move, whether your goal is to optimize athletic performance, recover from surgery or injury, or simply build strength, flexibility, and balance.

Kenny Givens


Massage Therapy

Kenny Givens, CMT (CAMTC # 71925) has been a certified massage therapist since September 2013. He loves to work with pain management, injury rehabilitation and sports massage. He is proficient in deep tissue techniques, neuromuscular therapy, myofascial release and sports stretching.

Kenny’s mission with every massage is to help alleviate tension and pain through bodywork customized to best suit the individual needs of each client. Each session is given from a place of professionalism, compassion, heart and humor.

Michael Huff


Michael’s work is rooted in Ortho-Bionomy. It is work developed by an Osteopath, and as such is very structural, looking at the relationships between bones, muscles, and joints. It is physical work. It is energetic work.

Michael has worked extensively in cancer care, providing palliative care and pain management, and with clients with Multiple Sclerosis, Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome (EDS), HIV/AIDS, and Scoliosis.

Meet our Admin Team

Celebrating 20 Years in Albany

Our awesome admin team is here to ensure that you have a seamless experience receiving your health care.

Randi (top left) is our Office Manager and the heart and soul of the front office. She's been with us for over 7 years. She understands insurance and will help you navigating all of that.

Julie (bottom right) has been with us longest - almost 20 years! - and is the de-facto "den mother," head of HR, bookkeeping and everything organization.

Eva, Julie's daughter (bottom left) has been an integral part of manning the front desk and is graduating high school and heading off to college. We're really excited for her!

Helen (top right) is our behind the scenes insurance biller, and if anyone can get that to work, she will! 

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