How does Stress Affect Pain?

We store our emotions in our body!

Candice Pert PhD was a NIH researcher and helped discover the Opiate Receptor. In her book "Molecules of Emotions" she explains how receptors throughout the fascial system connect with complex poly-peptides of emotion. I like to think of the body as the emotional Cloud Storage of the brain!

Neuro Emotional Technique (NET) is a mind-body approach that focuses on the interconnectedness of emotions, the nervous system, and physical health. By addressing unresolved emotional stress and its impact on the body's neurophysiology, NET aims to alleviate pain and other physical symptoms. This technique helps identify and release emotional blockages stored in the body, which may contribute to muscular tension, inflammation, and other manifestations of pain. Through a combination of manual muscle testing, visualization, and specific interventions, NET can help individuals process and release emotional stress, leading to improved physical well-being and pain relief.