Can chiropractic help my Sciatica?

The Sciatic Nerve is the thickest nerve in the body - it can be the width of your thumb! The nerves coming from the lumbar spine run through the lumbar plexus and some become the Sciatic nerve. Sciatic pain can come from nerve irritation anywhere along this pathway. If there is a lumbar disc issue or if the hole called the Foramen which the spinal nerve travels through is encroached, pain may result. The Sciatic nerve also travels through or under the Piriformis muscle and a tight muscle can cause Sciatica symptoms as well. 

Chiropractic adjustments can correct spinal and pelvic misalignments, which Active Release Technique (ART) can help release the Piriformis and Hamstrings, which can also press on the Sciatic Nerve. PDTR helps to restore proper muscle firing patterns of the Piriformis as well as the other muscles in the region. Cupping and Taping are also effective. 

Gentle stretching exercises such as figure-4 stretches can be helpful as well. NET addresses emotional physiology which can often be involved leading to Sciatica. 

There are many approaches and we often get good results treating Sciatica.